Power cable for Toshiba satellite

DENAQ - AC Power Adapter and Charger for Select Toshiba Satellite Laptops - Black
August 13, 2021 – 12:04 pm
Power Cable For Toshiba

Including 1100, 1100-S101, 1100-S1105, 1105, 1105-1110, 1105-S101, 1110-S153, 1115-S103, 1115-S104, 1115-S107, 1115-S123, 1130, 1135-S125, 1135-S155, 1135-S156, 1135-S1552 and 1135-S1553 models.

Also compatible with Satellite 1135-S1554, 1900, 1900-S305, 1900-SP303, 1905, 1905-S277, 1905-S278, 1905-S301, 1905-S302, 1905-S303, 1905-S304, 1905-S801, 1905-S802, 1905-S803, 1905-S804, 1905-S805, 1905-S806, 1905-S807, 2430 and 2430-S255 models.

Also compatible with Satellite 2430-S256, 2435, 2435-S255, 2435-S256, A100, A100-151, A100-163, A100-188, A100-204, A100-209, A100-259, A100-295, A100-500, A100-507, A100-508, A100-521, A100-522, A100-523, A100-525, A100-533, A100-570 and A105 models.

Also compatible with Satellite A105-S101, A105-S101X, A105-S171, A105-S271, A105-S271X, A105-S361X, A105-S1010, A105-S1013, A105-S1014, A105-S1710, A105-S1711, A665, A665D, C655 series, L645, L645D, L755 series, M40X-112, M40X-114 and M40X-118 models.

Also compatible with Satellite M40X-129, M40X-141, M40X-185, M40X-186, M40X-249, M40X-258, M40X-259, M40X-267, M40X-295, M40X-299, M60, M60-103, M60-104, M60-105, M65, M65-S809, M65-S821, M65-S8091, M65-S8092 and M65-S8211 models.

Charges your compatible device

Utilizes 75W of power and delivers a 4-amp output for extended use on the go; 19V power rating.

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HDE HDE Xbox One Media Remote Control Wireless Multimedia Entertainment Console Controller
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  • Supported Audio: LPCM,Dolby-AC3, DTS7.1, DSD/Dolby TrueHD/DTS-HD master audio,Essentially all available audio options are supported.All four outputs are synchronized.
  • When two or more splitters are cascaded they can be used to create a larger distribution.
  • Maximum Single Link Range: 1920 x 1200 - 1080p.Supports 8bit per channel (24bit all channel) deep color.
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