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How to Watch GOP Debate Night on Fox Business Network
January 31, 2023 – 07:16 am
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The Republican presidential candidates will square off Tuesday night in two live debates that will air on Fox Business Network and stream live on

- Go to the for information on how to find Fox Business Network in your area.

- Head over to to watch a live stream of the debates.

Presented from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in conjunction with the Wall Street Journal, the one-hour undercard debate begins at 7:00p ET, moderated by FBN anchors and and WSJ Washington Bureau Chief Gerald Seib.

In the first forum, you'll hear from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and former Sen. Rick Santorum.

The two-hour primetime debate follows at 9:00p ET, moderated by FBN Managing Editor of Business News and FBN Global Markets Editor, along with WSJ’s Editor-in-Chief Gerard Baker.

The second debate will feature Donald Trump, Dr. Ben Carson, Sen. Marco Rubio, Sen. Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Sen. Rand Paul.

The questions will focus on jobs, taxes and the general health of the economy, as well as domestic and international policy issues.

If you're unsure how to watch in your area, check out the .

Some cable and satellite providers - including DIRECTV, Suddenlink, Mediacom, Frontier, Wide Open West, Cable One, and a significant number of National Cable Television Cooperative member companies - have agreed to make Fox Business Network available to all subscribers for the debates.

The debates will also be streaming live at or you can watch via the Fox News app or the Fox News Election HQ 2016 app. No authentication from a cable or satellite provider will be required.

While you watch, join FBN's conversations on and on, using #GOPDebate.

When the primetime debate is over, FBN will present a special edition of CAVUTO: Coast to Coast, hosted by Neil Cavuto at 11:00p ET, followed by a special live hour of Stossel.

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