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The DISH vs Time Warner Cable Comparison Guide
September 1, 2019 – 11:20 am
Dish Network Versus DirecTV

The above compares the regular, non-promotional pricing for DISH and Time Warner Cable. Packages for Time Warner Cable includes DVR and equipment with pricing shown based off company model. *WH-DVR: Whole home HD-DVR system.

What you get with DISH that you don't with Time Warner Cable:

DISH wins versus Time Warner Cable in the price category. As you can see (pictured right), Time Warner Cable's pricing is much higher per month in nearly every package. DISH's most popular package, America's Top 200 is $69.99 per month. Time Warner Cable's Preferred HD, a popular package is $96.50 per month with a similar channel lineup when you factor in matching the free equipment you get with DISH.

But, does Time Warner Cable offer more? Is that why they're more expensive?

Time Warner Cable promotes the argument that they offer you more value than DISH does and that's why they're more expensive. There are several ways to grade value, and that will be different based upon each person, but a good point of reference is: number of channels per package, and cost per month. Let's look at some examples.

Example (1): Two popular packages. Every day prices-no promotions.

  • DISH's America's Top 120 channel package includes 190+ channels and costs $54.99 per month.
  • Time Warner Cable's Preferred TV package includes 200+ channels and costs up to $69.99 per month.

Example (2): Same packages as above, but this time with a two-room HD-DVR system. Everyday prices-no promotions.

  • DISH's America's Top 120 channel package includes 190+ channels and costs $78.99 per month.
  • Time Warner Cable's Preferred TV package includes 200+ channels and costs $96.50 per month.

The examples like this are true across the board for virtually every side-by-side comparison. DISH offers you more channels for less money per month.

How does DISH HD and HD-DVR receiver upgrades compare to Time Warner Cable's?

Above we talked about package pricing. That argument is straight forward: DISH costs less than Time Warner Cable. Even when you start comparing the HD receiver upgrades, HD service, and the different HD-DVR offers, like the Hopper or the Time Warner Cable HD-DVR, then the argument becomes even more one sided. In this section we will show you how much better DISH's DVR equipment really is.

Both DISH and Time Warner Cable have several HD, HD-DVR, and equipment upgrades:

HD Service: DISH's offer versus Time Warner Cable's offer.
DISH's offer: HD service is free for 24 months. Agree to the contract, and AutoPay billing, and that's it. Any HD receiver will work and most of the most popular programming packages qualify for this.

Time Warner Cable's offer: HD service is never free. If you want HD service, it costs $11.25 per month from day one. If you wish to have both HD service and DVR capabilities, that is also $11.25 extra per month, depending on the package you choose.

HD service is not free with Time Warner Cable. Plus, there's an additional fee to add DVR functionality.

FREE HD Receiver upgrades (non DVRs): DISH versus Time Warner Cable
DISH offers up to three non-DVR, HD receiver upgrades free (more on DVR offers below). The HD free for 24 months promotion with DISH does not require that you order an HD-DVR.

Time Warner Cable offers a non-DVR, HD receiver upgrade for a monthly fee. HD service is not free with Time Warner Cable when ordering non-DVR HD equipment. If you order an HD-DVR as one of your receivers, you will pay the $11.25 per month charge and if you just want a standard HD receiver, that could be $15.25 extra per month, depending on the package/equipment you choose.

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