Cable television Technology

1 Cable TV Technology Pack Overview
November 11, 2017 – 09:55 pm
Antietam Cable Television

In this example, video content is transmitted from various sources to a cable service provider's headend. Each headend represents a facility that supports access controllers, VOD controllers, and other equipment.

The access controller controls and grants access to video services for the set-top box in the home. A VOD controller grants access to VOD entitlements. A single access controller supports multiple subscriptions.

About the Cable TV Technology Pack

The Cable TV Technology Pack enables you to model provisionable cable video subscription services (such as Basic service, Expanded service, and HBO), the devices on which these services are provisioned, the service locations for these subscriptions, and the supporting logical resources in UIM.

The technology pack provides a topological view of the cable service provider's organization, which consists of a multisystem operator, regions, clusters, and offices. The technology pack provides support for modeling and managing logical resources including access controllers, device partitions, and channel map information. It also manages the inventory of the devices on which these services are provisioned, including set-top boxes and subscription cards. The Cable TV Technology Pack also supports the management of provisionable video services.

illustrates the specifications used to model a cable video service provider's organization, which includes a multisystem operator, region, cluster, and cable office.

Figure 1-2 Cable Video Service Organization Model

illustrates the specifications used to model a cable video service subscription.

Figure 1-3 Cable Video Service Model

illustrates the specifications used to model a headend profile.

Figure 1-4 Headend Profile Service Configuration Model

illustrates the specifications used to model a video service subscriber.

Figure 1-5 Video Service Subscriber Model

In a cable subscription domain model, the relationship between the subscription, programmable video receiver, subscription card, subscription features, and provisionable video services are managed through the video service.

Cable Video Service Topologies

The topologies in the Cable TV Technology Pack provide a graphical view of the Multi-Service Operator (MSO) organizational structure for the cable service provider. The Cable TV Technology Pack provides topologies for the following networks:

  • MSO Network: An MSO is represented by an Organization (party) with a Party role of Multi-System Operator and by a network that comprises regions.
  • Region Network: A region is represented by a network that comprises clusters.
  • Cluster Network: A cluster is represented by a network that comprises several cable offices. The cable offices can be represented as geographic locations and within the Cluster network.
  • Office Network: An office is represented by a network that comprises controllers that include access controllers and VOD controllers.

Contents of the Cable TV Technology Pack

describes the contents of the Cable TV Technology Pack, which is delivered as a single ZIP file.

Table 1-1 Cable TV Technology Pack ZIP File Content

Cable TV Technology Pack Individual Jar Files

In addition to the deployable super JAR archive file, technology packs include individually JAR files. Deploying individual JAR files may be required if you extend a cartridge in Oracle Communications Design Studio.

JAR files must be deployed in the order shown below to ensure all dependencies are met.

  • ora_uim_address_cartproj-*.jar
  • ora_uim_canada_address_cartproj-*.jar
  • ora_uim_common_cartproj-*.jar
  • ora_uim_norway_address_cartproj-*.jar
  • ora_uim_party_customer_cartproj-*.jar
  • ora_uim_saudi_arabia_address_cartproj-*.jar
  • ora_uim_service_location_cartproj-*.jar
  • ora_uim_uk_address_cartproj-*.jar
  • ora_uim_us_address_cartproj-*.jar
  • ora_uim_video_cartproj-*.jar
  • ora_uim_video_characteristics_cartproj-*.jar
  • ora_uim_video_configuration_cartproj-*.jar
  • ora_uim_video_infrastructure_cartproj-*.jar
  • ora_uim_video_subscription_cartproj-*.jar


The asterisk in the JAR file names in the previous list represent a five-segment release version number followed by a build number. The five-segment release version numbers represent the:
  • Major Version Number
  • Minor Version Number
  • Maintenance Pack
  • Generic Patch
  • Customer Patch

Cable TV Technology Pack Super JAR Archive File

The Cable TV Technology Pack super JAR archive file contains the entire contents of the technology pack and is ready for deployment using the Cartridge Deployer Tool. You use the Cartridge Deployer Tool to simultaneously deploy multiple cartridges to UIM run-time environments.

See UIM Cartridge and Technology Pack Guide for more information about the Cartridge Deployer Tool.

Cable TV Technology Pack ZIP Archive Files

The Cable TV Technology Pack contains a number of cartridges, which are divided into the following categories:

Address, Location, and Party Cartridges

The address, location, and party cartridges include entities that are used by data networking and cable TV entities to define places and people in the network. There are separate address cartridges for several different cartridges as well as generic service location and address cartridges. The country-specific cartridges provide similar capabilities with minor variations based on local standards.

The address, location, and party cartridges are:

  • Address cartridge: ora_uim_address
  • Canada address cartridge: ora_uim_canada_address
  • Norway address cartridge: ora_uim_norway_address
  • Saudi Arabia address cartridge: ora_uim_saudi_arabia_address
  • United Kingdom address cartridge: ora_uk_address
  • United States address cartridge: ora_uim_us_address
  • Service location cartridge: ora_uim_service_location
  • Party cartridge: ora_uim_party_customer

Cable TV Cartridges

The cable TV cartridges model the capabilities specific to cable TV technology.

The cable TV cartridges are:

  • Video cartridge: ora_uim_video
  • Characteristics cartridge: ora_uim_video_characteristics
  • Configuration cartridge: ora_uim_video_configuration
  • Infrastructure cartridge: ora_uim_video_infrastructure
  • Subscription cartridge: ora_uim_video_subscription

Common Library

The common library is a JAR file that provides utility methods that are independent of the technology domain. These utility methods can be used across multiple technology packs, so they reside in a common JAR file that is included in multiple technology packs.

The common library is:

See UIM Cartridge and Technology Pack Guide for more information on the contents of the common library.

The common library is not considered a cartridge because it does not contain content that can be imported into Design Studio to view. The common library contains Java class files only; it does not contain the viewable Java source files from which the classes are compiled.

Cable TV Technology Pack Sample Ant Build Scripts

The Cable TV Technology Pack includes sample Ant build scripts for automating cartridge project builds. See Design Studio System Administrator's Guide for more information about automating builds.

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