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Dish vs. Time Warner Cable: Choosing the Best Pay TV Provider
July 24, 2017 – 09:24 pm
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If you’re debating whether to invest in Time Warner Cable® or DISH®, you’ll need to compare several of the companies’ prominent features and services to decide which home television service is right for you. Time Warner Cable offers substantial cable packages in all areas with the necessary infrastructure. DISH, on the other hand, provides satellite TV plans just about anywhere in the continental U.S.

We’ve done some baseline research for you on these top television providers. Read on for a comparison of the basic plans and services that Time Warner Cable and DISH have to offer.

TV Plan Options

A Digital Starter package from Time Warner Cable offers 20+ channels — a perfect and affordable fit for those interested in just a few local shows or news programs. Subscription offerings and costs jump up from there, with the company’s top TV-only package providing 200+ channels, HBO®, and access to thousands of On Demand titles. Exact local offerings will vary based on area.

The most common basic package for DISH starts at over 190 channels, which is quite a bit higher than basic cable plans. The price is a bit steeper as well, but this DISH offering is actually one of the most economical ways to get such a large channel package. The top-tier DISH package — referred to as the America’s “Everything” Pak™ — tops the lower tiers with a whopping 330+ channels. As with the TWC plans, exact offerings may vary depending on ZIP code.

Sports Lineup

Some regular sports channels are covered by Time Warner Cable’s Preferred TV package, and customers can pay for additional seasonal sports packages on top of that, like NHL® Center Ice®, NBA League Pass, MLB Extra Innings, and MLS Direct Kick. For a more mixed package, the TWC Sports Pass includes 25 sports channels that are available all year long, including ESPN College Extra, FOX College Sports, and Pac-12 Networks.

DISH offers decent sports coverage in its basic listings, and the company also has a supplementary Multi-Sport Pack™, which gives customers access to 35 sports channels, including 20 regional channels. Additional seasonal packages can be purchased for football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, boxing, rugby, car racing, and cricket, and customers can also subscribe to the Outdoor Package™ for hunting, shooting, and fishing.

TV Apps

The TWC TV® app turns your mobile device into a remote, letting you easily control your TV and manage your DVR. The app also allows live TV streaming and simultaneous multi-device viewing. That makes roughly 16, 000 On Demand titles — including TV shows, movies, and kid-friendly programming — available anywhere in your home.

The DISH Anywhere™ app also gives you the ability to watch TV through your DISH subscription on any Internet-connected device, including laptops and desktops. With the right DVR subscription, you can use your device to stream live TV, watch shows recorded via DVR, and catch thousands of On Demand programs.

Contract Requirements and Fees

Time Warner Cable does not offer contracts, but the company does have a multi-month Price Lock Guarantee® on certain packages. As for fees, installation costs may vary depending on the equipment installed. Customers can opt for an Easy Connect Kit for self-installation if costs are a concern. Time Warner does not list cancellation fees publicly, instead encouraging customers to call a customer service representative to downgrade their plan.

DISH contracts typically run around 24 months, though some introductory pricing promotions are only locked in for 12 months. The company does offer 3-year price guarantees on certain agreements as well. Service installation on a 3-year locked package is included at no extra cost. DISH does charge an early termination fee of $20 per month for the number of months left on the contract, though that cost maxes out under $500.

Internet and Bundling Options

Time Warner home Internet plans start at downstream speeds up to 2 Mbps. The company’s fastest Internet plan with wide availability reaches up to 50 Mbps, though in select areas customers may see options up to 300 Mbps. Time Warner also offers several value bundle options combining TV and Internet or TV, Internet, and phone, depending on subscriber needs.

DISH’s basic DSL Internet package starts up to 7 Mbps for downstreaming. The top package operates at up to 40 Mbps. Most Internet offerings are much more cost effective when bundled with a TV plan. Bundling options can also save customers a substantial amount on TV, Internet, and phone combinations.

Whether you’re considering cable or satellite for your home television service, there are sure to be some affordable and comprehensive options available in your area. Enter your ZIP code into our provider search and we’ll help find the best provider and package for all of your TV viewing needs.

Source: cabletv.com
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