How to fit satellite cable connectors?

How to fit 'F' Connectors to coaxial cable
August 12, 2016 – 01:05 pm
F Connector Fitting Tool

Wrap the tape around the cableFor UK Sky and Freesat and Virgin cable and US TV


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can be used to cover unused LNB output connectors. It's also a good (temporary) sealant for outdoor cable connections and a permanent protection for connections inside aerials.

Seal joints outdoors against moisture ingress with silicone grease and self-amalgamating tape. (Don't get grease on the tape.)


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Just wanted to congratulate your company for an easy to understand web site with lots of helpful hints. The Silicone Grease will be wonderful in this wet and windy part of the Scottish Highlands where "F" connectors often become inoperable because of water ingress despite self amalgamating tape!

Thanks again.

Ewen S.

Push-on Plug

gold F plugPush-on adapters are available. These screw into an 'F' connector plug to turn it into a push-on plug. Useful when you are using a sat finder meter and also as an LNB selector (see below). Much favoured for temporary connections to caravans and motorhomes!

Again I recommend using plenty of silicone grease to reduce wear and to prevent, or at least reduce, corrosion outdoors. A fitted over the connector will also help to protect it.

NOTE: if interference is a problem, you should avoid push-on 'F' adapters, as they have slots and are susceptible.

A push-on 'F' adapter fitted to a standard 'F' plug to allow easy connection of a Satfinder signal meter.

A push-on 'F' adapter fitted to a standard 'F' plug to allow easy connection to an LNB.

A push-on 'F' adapter can also be used to connect a cable to a satellite TV receiver tuner input or any other equipment fitted with a threaded 'F' socket.

Always apply grease to minimise wear.

Right-angle adapters are available. These can be used where space is limited - such as behind a wall plate - or to route a cable around a sharp corner.

Outdoor 'F' connectors outside MUST be sealed to keep water out, otherwise it will run through the cable, damaging the inside of the LNB and the satellite receiver. Water runs VERY quickly through coaxial cable by "capillary action".

Be sure to use Self Amalgamating Tape (or a - see below). Cut off about four inches (100 mm) and peel off the plastic backing.

Wrap the tape around the cable, just below the 'F' connector, stretching it strongly as you wrap in a spiral. Overlap by at least half the width of the tape so it bonds to itself. Continue to stretch and wrap it around the cable then the 'F' connector all the way up to the body of the LNB.

(We used an "Alps" LNB for the demonstration).

Now stretch the excess length and spiral it back down the cable to finish off the joint neatly.

As you stretch the tape to twice its normal length, you create energy that makes the tape melt into itself to form a solid rubber tube. You won't believe this stuff till you try it. There's NO glue. Also great for repairing leaking hose on car or washing machine!

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