Cheapest cable TV providers

What is the cheapest cable television service?
February 20, 2023 – 07:17 am
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According to, one downside of AT&T plans is that introductory pricing lasts only for the first six months. In addition, higher-end packages increase additional costs. Although, experts claim that AT&T's use of fiber optic networks reduces overhead costs due to reduction in signal distortion and increased Internet speeds. also cites that U-verse is only offered in limited markets, unlike the second-cheapest, Time Warner.

Time Warner has a monthly plan of $20 per month for 2014, yet experts point to both the teaser rates and cost of DVR rentals as a drawback. According to TIME magazine, Time Warner was also on the 2012 annual "Worst Company In America" tournament. TIME recommends that consumers call their provider and negotiate lower rates or extend promotions, but many experts state that price hikes by providers can either be transparent or not depending on the company. Additionally, the FCC has found in a 2012 report that prices for basic cable have risen faster than the rate of inflation by 6.5 percent. This rise does not include external fees and stands in contrast to a 1-percent decrease in price a year earlier.

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