Your TV is broken: what is your tactic?

March 20, 2020 – 03:29 pm
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It's nice to come home in the evening after a hard working day, bring your favorite food, have a cup of coffee and watch cable TV. But sometimes there may be an unpleasant surprise: a TV breakdown.

A year of operation for microwave ovens, steamers and heaters, two to three years for refrigerators, televisions, air conditioners and washing machines - this is the standard term for the uninterrupted life of appliances indicated in the warranty cards. Specialists in the repair of household appliances claim that the components of automatic stuff burn out even with branded models, and repairs are very expensive.

Unlike these home devices, some garden equipment, for example, irrigation pump can be more durable. Pumps operate in very difficult conditions - water, high pressure, vibration, abrasive particles, low temperatures, etc. For this reason, the design of the pumps and the materials used has a large rate of safety. That is why they break extremely rarely.

There is an opinion that we can planned outsmart (if not win) aging at least by going to court. The warranty period indicates the minimum period during which the product can be used. However, after its expiration, it is worth paying attention to the column “service life” - usually it is several years longer than the warranty period. If we do not violate the operating rules, and our TV still breaks down four years after the purchase, we are entitled to require the manufacturer to replace the device.

It is likely that due to the breakdown of household appliances, the idea of buying a new one will be convenient for those who do not like and do not want to mess with the courts (comforting themselves with the fact that there is also fashion for appliances, and it is better to buy a newer model).

Image by methodshop from Pixabay

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