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How to watch college football without cable TV
October 23, 2019 – 05:49 am
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One of America’s favorite sports is almost back as college football kicks off its season next week. In the past, it was very difficult for college football fans to ditch cable and still watch the games, but now it is easier than ever.

Since Sling TV hit the market in January 2015, the world of cord-cutting has significantly changed. More and more streaming services are jumping on board, which makes cord-cutting less stressful than before.

Here is our guide to watching college football without the long contracts, or high price, of cable TV.

Step 1: Buy an antenna

Many of the best games are free over-the-air on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC. An antenna makes it easy to watch these games in great HD for free! If you need help with an antenna, check out our guide to setting up an antenna.

Step 2: Pick a streaming service

Ok, so you have local channels covered with your antenna, but what about ESPN, FS1 and others like the Big Ten Network? We have great news for you! With services like Sling TV and PlayStation VUE, you can access all these networks.

First, find a service that works with your device:

Streaming Player Sling TV PS Vue
Fire TV
Apple TV
Android TV

Then learn which channels each service has:

SEC Network
Big Ten

Next, consider which apps will work with your service. Right now, both Sling and PlayStation Vue allow access to WatchESPN. However, only PlayStation Vue currently allows access to other apps like Fox Sports GO and the Big Ten Network app. Sling TV has stated they will soon add FOX apps, but as of today, there’s no access to FOX Sports GO with Sling TV.

Finally, what if you have trouble streaming local channels? If you struggle to get local channels over-the-air, both Sling TV and PlayStation Vue can stream local channels for you.


Step 4: Enjoy football

Congratulations! You now know how to watch both locally and nationally aired games. It is time to sit back and relax as you watch your favorite teams.

Watching college football as a cord cutter is not yet perfect, but it is far easier than it has ever been. Yes, the Pac-12 Network is still one network cord cutters cannot access, but the vast majority of games are available legally to cord cutters without a cable contract.

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