How to watch cable TV for free?

How to Watch Free TV (or Cheap TV) in Canada
November 6, 2020 – 08:57 am
Save Money on Cable – How to

Want to know how to see free TV in Canada? You have a few options with over the air free HDTV, broadcaster's websites and cheap services like Netflix!Second, if you live somewhat close to a broadcast tower, you can still get free television over the air. In fact, you can get digital television over the air. If you have a newer TV, then you don’t need to worry about getting a digital converter box either, as your TV very well may have an ASTC tuner built into it, allowing you to simply plug in your antenna and have your TV convert the digital over the air signal into free television. Depending on your location, you can even get free HDTV, like CBC-HD. If you want over the air television, did you know that you can even build your own antenna out of ? It doesn’t work that great for me because I live in a basement suite, but if you have a direct line of sight towards the broadcast tower, you have a good chance of watching free over the air TV!

Finally, even though we Canadians aren’t privileged enough to have streaming access to many great television provider’s websites, we still have a fair bit of access to local Canadian channels. has a wide variety of their programming available for streaming online. While we can’t watch Jon Stewart at, we can watch him and Stephen Colbert, alongside the rest of ‘s programming on their website.

It seems to me that between Netflix, over the air television, and more and more television channels putting their content on their websites, there’s never a better time to cut the cable cord. Now, if only we could watch live sports online…

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