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Super Bowl's 7 Most Buzzed-About Commercials (Photos)
July 19, 2022 – 02:13 pm
DirecTV Cable Box 3D Model

In the campaign, cable networks attempt to take down the tycoon that is DirecTV

The second ad, titled “Big Idea, ” airs later this month and takes place after Cable Corp has merged with CableWorld.

“Now that we have merged with CableWorld, we are so excited to hear your big ideas and how we are going to take on DirectTV, ” says Tambor.

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Ideas, however, are scarce, since the entire board was up late partying.

In 2008, “Empty Cable Suit” introduced us to Higgins in his role as a clueless cable exec. Iterations of the campaign aired in 2009 and 2012.

Watch “Merger” above, and watch “Big Idea” below.

  • Esurance had an instant Twitter hit on its hands with its commercial that actually aired after the game. It starred all-around beloved "The Office" star John Krasinski. Oh, and it promised to give away $1.5 million to one person who tweets the hashtag #EsuranceSave30 - the result was Twitter pandemonium and hilarity.
    Watch it here.
  • Whether it lived up to your expectations or not, we were all drawn into salivating for the reveal of Jerry Seinfeld's "secret project" during the big game. A tease to an on-air teaser just wouldn't do, so Crackle released a full 6-minute episode starring Seinfeld, Jason Alexander and Wayne Knight.
    Watch it here.
  • "The '80s called, they want their store back." Radio Shack took a shot at itself in a store makeover commercial, which had stars from the 1980s, including Erik Estrada, Mary Lou Retton, Hulk Hogan, A.L.F. and others tearing apart the outdated looking tech store. Once the group takes off - in a Delorean, of course - a new, clean, modern Radio Shack emerges.
    Watch it here.
  • Eat … Fresh? Subway dropped a cool $4 million to debut its latest sandwich: a chicken enchilada melt that for some reason has Fritos on it. Next, their famous athlete pitchmen and women, including Michael Phelps and Apollo Ono endorsed the snack chip endorsement. No mention of calories in this Subway ad, which had some on social media seeing a footlong of rage.
    Watch it here.
  • Bob Dylan took us through a stroll of Americana - all to allude to the fact that Italy's Fiat-owned Chrysler was still as American as, well, Dylan. It clearly sparked a patriotic fervor among viewers.
    Watch it here.

For about $4 million per 30 seconds of airtime, here are the spots where the money was most well-spent. They trended on Twitter, drove the most chatter and got our attention.

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