Cable VS DirecTV

April 10, 2022 – 01:39 pm
San Diego cable TV just

Fed up with cable? You're not the only one.

Every 9 seconds, somebody switches to DIRECTV.1 They know that with DIRECTV they'll enjoy exclusive sports they can't get from their cable company, plus amazing technology, top-rated customer satisfaction, and more. It all combines to create the ultimate entertainment experience. So when it comes to choosing DIRECTV vs. cable—there's no comparison.

DIRECTV. The undisputed leader in sports.

There's only one way to see every out-of-market NFL game every Sunday. That's with NFL SUNDAY TICKET. Only DIRECTV has it, and it's included at no extra charge.2 We've also got MLB EXTRA INNINGSSM, and the most coverage of PGA golf, USTA tennis, and MLS soccer. In a matchup versus cable, DIRECTV wins hands down.

Hello wireless.
Goodbye clutter.

Say goodbye to messy cable wires and boxes. Introducing Wireless Genie Mini. It's so small and powerful it eliminates the need for visible equipment and cable outlets around your TV. Now your entertainment can take center stage. It's part of the Genie HD DVR system that grants your every TV wish.3

DIRECTV is #1 in customer satisfaction
over all cable and satellite providers.*

In fact, we've ranked higher than all cable companies 14 years in a row.4 And in one year, more people chose DIRECTV than the top 10 cable TV companies combined.5 No wonder—with no equipment to buy and no start up costs, DIRECTV is the clear choice. Plus, you'll enjoy FREE premium channels for three months!6

1. Based on gross subscriber additions from Q4 2013 - Q3 2014. 2. 2015 season. Out-of-market games only. CHOICE™ Package or above. 3. Not available on primary television, which must be connected to Genie HD DVR. Actual range of wireless signal varies and may be affected by several factors including, but not limited to: home construction materials, obstructions, electromagnetic interference and other environmental factors. Connections of Wireless Genie Mini to TV and power source are required. For residential use in a single household only. 4. As compared to the largest national cable and satellite TV providers. 2014 American Customer Satisfaction Index. 5. Based on reported net TV basic subscriber data for Q4 2012-Q3 2013. 6. SELECT™ Package through Ultimate Packages.

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