Which is the best cable company?

Which of these is the best: Digital Cable TV or DTH? Why?
April 1, 2024 – 08:00 am
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I would certainly say . We cannot even compare Digital Cable with DTH. DTH is more advanced technology. Below are my observations on few factors which I think defines why DTH is better than Digital Cable

Picture Clarity:

Digital cable is any type of using for distribution. Now this signal is distributed to various customers from a network of enhancers. As such when this kind of an arrangement is there, the signal quality loss is inevitable and certainly the sound and picture when its transmitted cannot be the same of what is received. When you for higg end telivisions, say 40 inches and above with gull HD, Digital Cable will give a quality that you will feel that you are watching a very old movie with disturbed pixels and sound clarity

DTH is a type of artificial which usually sends signals for home reception. This means, your signal is your birth right. There will no distribution of same signal among different users. Which eventually means, high picture and sound quality. DTH HD viewing is just amazing. Tru HD TV’s pick up the high pixel ratio and whatever you see after that on the TV is simply amazing.

Interruptions due to power failure:

We were in a era when we used analog signals for watching cable. Now, when there is a power cut at a far distant area which is connected to our area cable network, we used to have a blank screen on our TV’s. Very frustrating is n’t it?

With Digital Cable system, you are going to end up in the same old situations.

DTH does not go off if there is a power failure in other areas. As its your sole property hence will work if you have power in your house.


The service to customer problemst of the DTH companies are quick. They have 24/7 customer care to help you & addresses most of the problem within 24hrs.

The cable TV operators lack such organized service & are also not available to hear you 24/7. DTH wins over cable operators in this segment clearly


DTH providers provide relocation services all over India. An extra Rs.300/- is charged for the movement and re installation in the new location.

The cable TV operators do not provide any such services & you may even have to buy a new set top box for your new place.

Managing Packs online:

DTH operators have their own websites and mobile apps which gives you a clear idea of the package rates & channels included. From your DTH account, one can change a package anytime at your will via these websites and apps.

Cable TV operators lack this robust infrastructure. Most of them don’t have a proper website till date. Mobile apps are far from being imagined.

Add/Delete of channels:

DTHoffers feature call A-La-Carte where you can add, delete a channels any time. This service is available 24x7. Each and every channels has a specific price and when added, you can pay online and get it activated instantly.

Cable TV does not have any infrastructure like this. You have to watch whatever is available. If the cable operator is not in a position to offer a channel due to its non availability in the package, then there is no way you can get it. You have be very disappointed to miss some important program or a match due to this.

Temporary service disconnection:

Most of the people pay for more than what they watch. Few pay for even not watching the TV for few days in a month.

DTH gives an option to disconnect the services and save on money for even 5 days. Say, you are on a trip with your family and you are not going to watch TV for 10 days. You can simply call up the customer care and just ask them not to charge for 10 days, its done.

Cable operators does not have options like this. You watch your TV or not. Money has to be paid at the end of the month.

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