Cable TV: what a real TV presenter should look like

June 12, 2020 – 04:58 am
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A nice, regular, firm face is perfect for television; it would be very good if the eyes, mouth, nose, ears are not too large. Blue eyes often look creepy on the TV screen. Female TV presenters are divided into light and dark-haired. However, most male broadcasters on English television have dark hair. If people are prone to overweight, they need to monitor their weight; they seem thicker and generally larger on the screen.

The main rule of any news channel is that the viewer should listen and watch the news, and not look at the presenters. Therefore, the clothes of TV presenters - both men and women, are distinguished by rigor, restraint, and carefully selected colors. On the one hand, clothes can be stylistically diverse, fashionable and sophisticated like wholesale church suits. This emphasizes the image of the channel. On the other hand, ruffles and flounces are unacceptable in women’s clothing, in men’s - T-shirts, colorful shirts and so on. Color scheme: modern TV channels avoid leading dark colors and flashy colorful ones in clothes. In men, the best color of clothing is blue, brown, and gray. For women, the color scheme is more diverse, but the rule is the same - no sharp contrast in clothes and flashy bright colors. The fabric of clothing is often monophonic without a pattern.

It is impossible to say unequivocally who still selects the outfit for the presenter, since everything is individual, and depends more on the program itself.

A TV presenter needs a good, delivered voice, and he must speak correctly. A bad voice is worse for him than a broken nose. Imagine that speech is a melody played on a musical instrument. This melody - the intonation of colloquial speech - is very beautiful, but its sound depends only on the speaker.

Image by 272447 from Pixabay

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